Who Am I : Why It Is The Most Important Question Of All

Someone asked me “Who are you?” and I could not even answer immediately.

Are you one of those women who seemed to have lost your sense of self? Do you feel like you do not know your self without having to base it on your role as a mother or a wife? How do you answer this question in all honesty?

This is probably the most important question of all , according to Mabel Katz , Ho’oponopono practitioner . It might be a simple question, it has a simple answer, but many find it rather difficult to answer. At least for me, I found it a bit difficult. Lately, I have encountered the phrase “Who Am I?” and I didn’t give it a lot of thought. In another instance , I was shocked to hear from someone the words, “Who are you?”

While it was said in the midst of a conversation, I was shocked not because by the person who said it to me, and the way it was said to me,  but because I could not even find the answer to that. The same with Who Am I, I had found it to be quite challenging to answer that.

Yes, it is the most important question in the universe because everything starts from there. Your happiness, passion, relationships, your whole life depends on how well you can answer that question, how well you know yourself.

Is the identity you have of yourself really attunes with who you really are deep inside? Or is it the identity you want the world to know. I can totally understand why some people would resort to changing their sense of identity, not just their names, but their whole persona. I did it before because I wanted to escape from something.

The world can be very judgmental. I had my fair share of judgements without even trying to get to know people on a deeper level.  And it is pure arrogance to say that you know. You only know what you know and that is based only from your own understanding.

In the practice of Ho’oponopono, a Hawaiian technique for solving problems, knowing who you are is getting into your core, your perfectness. You are perfect. That is who you are at the core. Whatever you need is already inside you.

“Who are you “ is one of the most powerful words that you can use to live a peaceful life. Because when you know who you truly are, you won’t tolerate bullying. You won’t believe what other people think of you. In fact, you should not care to what society thinks of you.

What should matter most to you is you having the power to change your life because you know what you want and what you do not want. You know who you really are.

In a relationship, it is important that you define who you are. You must not identify yourself with the identity of the other person.  Spouses, especially women, have the tendency to lose their identities  in the relationship. Healthy couples have maintained their individualities. You may have an identity as a couple, but never forget to go back into the core of your being.

Parents are influential in forming their children’s identity. But as a parent, it is important that you give your child the freedom to discover who they really are at their core. Of course the foundation of a person comes from their childhood, parenting styles. But there comes a moment at the phase of a child’s development that they start to form their own identities. We should allow them the freedom to be who they want to be.

Our child is not really our child. They are a separate spiritual being who were given a human body and a family to care for them.  When you get into the idea that your child is yours, then you are setting yourself to possessing your children. Children are not possessions.

It is essential that you always vibrate your authentic self. When you are showing your true self, you are allowing others to show their true self to you too.

Here’s a part of a self-love affirmations in one of the guided meditations I listened to from Power Thoughts Meditation Club. This should help you get in touch to who you really are.

I am valuable. I deserve love and I am loved.

I am worthy.I am safe.

I am love.

I have unlimited potentials , I am a child of the Universe.

I am always guided and protected.

I am here to learn, The Universe loves me

I am good enough.

I am always willing to realize that I am good enough no matter what,

Because I am love, I am compassion, I am at peace.

I am honesty, I am passion. I am gratitude. I am freedom!

I am pure Universal life force

I approve of myself, I accept myself.

I love and forgive myself.

I have free will to choose my beliefs and my actions

I am that powerful.

I love myself, I thank myself

I am important. I am unique.

I am here to be me. I shine my light.

It is safe to speak my truth. It is my mission to live my truth.

It is safe to take care of myself. I always follow my intuition.

The Universe shines through my heart.

I accept who I am. I am beautiful.

I am a harmonious being.

My brain and heart work together in harmony, to create my beautiful and fascinating life.

So there it is my dear readers, I hope this has helped you find out your true self.  Go and vibrate your highest self and create the life you want.

For more resources: I have written a guide on  how to know if you’re living your authentic self here.

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If you’re interested in learning the Ho’oponopono technique, the easiest way to solving problem, check out Mabel Katz 7-day Course here.

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MaryAnne is a writer and entrepreneur. A mom of 4 young adults, she loves watching movies during her downtime and bonds with her children. Her advocacy include domestic violence, women empowerment, self-care and mental health. Through her blogs, she hopes to empower women through education and help them live their best lives.

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