20 Things You Don’t Need to Know About Me

Me at 6 mos. old

To introduce myself, I made the top 20 things you need to know about me that my other friends also probably don’t know about.

I can only give out 20, the rest is for you to discover. 
1. I was born on a Monday. As the poem says, “Monday’s child is full of grace…” What significance does this have in your life? Nothing I guess. 🙂
2. I wrote my first song in High School, 2nd year. But it never get to be published. And only 2 of my classmates have heard it. And of course, they have forgotten about it.
3. I wrote my first manuscript for a short novel when I was 16. That too. is now lost, buried under stacks of paper kept in our ancestral house’s “old stuff” room.

4. I started reading romance novels when I was 13. I guess that gave me the ideas that I have about romance which I have been looking for in real life, leading to the unrealistic views of how my lovelife should be as it is in the novels.
5. Because of that, I also started wearing glasses because of the times I would sneak reading those mushy novels under the covers with a just a flashlight on.
6. I have had recurring dreams about a man that I used to know (no, we did not have some kind of a relationship), and it became somewhat of a premonition that I would soon enter into a new relationship. I wonder how I would react if I saw him again. After nearly 20 years, I saw him for the first time. He just looked at me intently,as if he was shocked to see me. And then the awkwardness… I just want to ask him if he’d ever had the same dreams as I did.  He could be my soul mate. But he is married. Now that I’ve seen him, I don’t dream about him anymore……Does that mean I’m not going to meet someone new these days?
7. I used to have a phobia for drunk people. But when I learned and started to drink, I totally forgot about that fear. 🙂
8. I am right-handed, and do almost anything using the strength of my right hand, But my left leg is stronger than that of my right and I use my left leg on almost every leg activity.  Does that mean I am “left-footed”?

9. I wish my parents had thought hard about the name they had given me, rather than the common name I had. Try googling my name and you’ll get a lot of hits. Very disadvantageous when I try to get clearances from the police or any agency, it always took a while to have it done, since I have a lot of namesake.
10. I am a frustrated singer. Sure I did won in some contests. I was able to perform in a live band many time as a thick-faced guest singer wannabe. I’ve had my share of 15 minutes of fame though. I was able to sing in a live band as a lead singer, in a Pig and Whistle bar in Taiwan in front of a live audience. Unfortunately, although there were requests for an encore, that became my first and last exposure. My band mates were moonlighting, i discovered, and that was a big breach in their employment’s contract. So, bye bye singing career!
11. I have the talent for letting opportunities pass. I regretted not being a risk-taker, or else, I would have been married to an Emirates pilot right now, or strolling the beaches of Guam, or singing in a band in Dubai. All these opportunities for  better experiences in life, I allowed to pass by me, because I was afraid of what might happen in the future.
12.  I am 38, but I feel like 28. Immature? No, I just want to feel young, spirited and free.
13. I value my freedom a lot, in relationships, work and other aspect of my life. But just because I like to do things on my own doesn’t mean I can’t be a good team player. I just prefer to lead more than following.

14. I used to love the book “How Stella Got Her Groove Back” years ago when it was still newly released. I just didn’t thought that I would be loving it more now, because at some point, I might be like her.
15. I can read a pocketbook in an hour. This may not be big to some, but considering the short attention span I have, it’s a big achievement on my part.

16. I am good at multi-tasking, although sometimes it does not produce great results. But, it sure does help a lot in motherhood; breastfeeding, scratching the back of my other child, while my foot is trying to reach something at the other side of the bed. Now, that’s motherhood!
17. My greatest pleasure in life that I do for myself is a foot spa and a pedicure, rather than shopping. Well, except if you will take me shopping at a posh store. That to me is heaven!
18. I have a very short attention span. Focusing sometimes can be difficult for me. Except when I blog. I think I have a case of adult ADHD.
19. I have a strong obsession for bags. It doesn’t matter if it’s expensive or not as long as I like it, I will have it. Hopefully, I was able to curb this for a while.
20. My blogs are an extension of myself. What I cannot express openly I blog about it. Thank God for these inventions as they make expressions easier.

Here’s a bonus: I survived the worst typhoon ever recorded in history. I survived Haiyan. Now, I believe that I am stronger than Haiyan. I can overcome whatever challenge life throws at me.

So there, I hope that somehow, you got a glimpse of what I am, and also of where I am going to be.

By the way, this is a personal weblog. All contents are based on my personal opinion. And you may not agree with me on some things so :

Feel free to challenge me, amuse me, criticize me, suggest and correct me in the comments section.

I would accept them as positively as I can.

I am only human, I can say something stupid at times, but that is in no way done on purpose.

Feel free to laugh at my stupidity and faults.

But I reserve the right to delete your comments for whatsoever reasons (abusive, profane, rude or anonymous comments).

I would appreciate if you would at least be polite in your comments.

So, enjoy! 🙂

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