Random Ramblings on a Full Moon : I Am Woman, I Am Me

Random Ramblings on a Full Moon : I Am Woman, I Am Me

I am beauty.
I am love.
I am feminine power.
I am goddess.
I am seduction.
I am woman.
I am me.

I am enough.
I am more than enough.
I will always be enough.
I am me.

I am grateful.
I am happy.
I am loved.
I am blessed.

As  I was lying on my back listening to a full moon meditation, I wasn’t meditating yet, but just listening to it, I had these words come out from my mouth. It was as if my mouth had a mind of its own and the words just continued to flow. And I was surprised because I remembered them vividly as I wrote it down in my journal. I used to have downloads or thoughts/ideas in my mind randomly and as soon as I wanted to write it down, I would forget about it. That’s why I always make sure that I have a pen and a notebook beside me all the time, so that whenever I have these downloads, I can immediately write them down.
I have always been fascinated about the feminine energy, because for me, I think I might have forgotten about how it works. I know I have blogged a lot about unleashing the feminine energy lately in the past year because it is something that I wanted to explore more into. I would have periods where I felt I am in my feminine energy, although not fully, but then after a few weeks or months, I would then slip back into my masculine energy. And it is exhausting. I know I am not fully in alignment with my truest self yet because I can still feel a lot of lack in my life.
A week from now, I will start with my coaching sessions with a transformational coach . The program is called The Abundant Feminine. I have always seen her name in my suggested friends in Facebook because we have a lot of mutual Facebook friends. But I really didn’t sent her a friend request, because I don’t do it to random people. But I have always been fascinated with her work.
One of my colleagues had a coaching session with her, maybe it was a different one, but I saw some positive changes in her life. As someone who is actually a Certified Life Coach (I haven’t practiced it yet), I saw the patterns. And in one of our conversations, she did mention it. But the programs were expensive for me, so I didn’t really enrolled because it wasn’t a priority for me at that time.
Fast forward to a week ago, I saw that she had opened her course on The Abundant Feminine and I really wanted to join this. Because people are more generous in this time of a pandemic, she offered the coaching program to a “pay what you can” type of payment method . I did waited for another week before finally signing up. And I am also in this pandemic effect of being productive by learning new skills. This is going to be the third course I’d taken on since the enhanced community quarantine started in the Philippines (2 I’ve already finished and am now certified) . And because, why not? It’s not a bad thing to be productive in difficult times.
Coaching will start in a matter of days and I plan to
chronicle each progress I maek. Who knows, maybe you’d see a more
feminine version of me in the next months to come.
3 Ways to Reinvent Yourself

3 Ways to Reinvent Yourself

Life throws challenges at us in the most unexpected ways. As a woman, one of the biggest heartaches we would ever feel is the loss of a spouse or a loved one or a separation, or divorce. As much as we try to avoid these situations, there really isn’t much that we can do.

No matter how much we try to work on having a loving relationship with our spouses or partners, there are some things that we really can’t control.

We can only control ourselves. We don’t have any control over other people’s feelings and actions, although there are ways where we can influence them into doing the same things we do. But the decision will still come from them alone.

I can totally relate how much pain you could be in right now if you are in the midst of one these life-changing moments. I have been separated and been a single mom for almost seven years. Even when there was no third party involved we still end up separated because of irreconcilable differences.

This has brought me to the conclusion that we were really not meant to grow old together. No matter how much we worked hard for the relationship, we still ended up going our separate ways. He has been married for almost 4 years and has 3 children. So really, we were not meant to be.

I was in denial for about 2 years before I finally accepted the fact that we would never be together. That moment of realization came when he brought his son along with him to visit my children. That was also the moment when I knew I had forgiven him.

So, fast forward to today, I am filled with high hopes that I would once again find love and lead a better life for me and my children. To be able to do this,  I am going to embark on another journey to reinventing myself. I want to reinvent myself to be the woman that I am, who I truly am, a feminine high-value woman, who is never afraid of facing some pitfalls and conquering life and love’s challenges.

If you are on the stage of moving on and you’re still unsure of how you will go about making these changes in your life, woman, you gotta reinvent yourself. There’s no other way to do it. We, women, are masters of reinvention.

Men, on the other hand, find it hard to reinvent themselves. According to Mike Robbins, author of Nothing Changes Unless You Do, said that “There’s a unique challenge that a lot of men face. Women are much more flexible and have an ability to adjust and evolve both in life and in business. Whereas, with men who’ve been successful on a certain track, haven’t had to do that quite as much. In a lot of cases, it’s forced upon them.  And if it happens later on in their careers or in life, it can be difficult to adjust.”

You as a woman has the power to reinvent yourself. Maybe you  just don’t know how and where to start, but once you do, you will be unstoppable at doing things to change your situation.

I’ve reinvented myself for God knows how many times. This is the guide that I use for reinventing myself more than twice.

How will you reinvent yourself?

Educate yourself.

Education is the best and most powerful way to reinvent yourself. This is empowering yourself at the highest level. What do you want to learn more about? Was there something that hindered you from taking that class, or that course that you’ve wanted to take for so long?

As for me, I will continue my Social Media Academy course, and also retake the Google Adwords Certification course. Another big thing that I wanted to take is to go back to school to finish my degree or take another degree. My friend has told me that instead of taking these short online courses that I have been paying for and not taking so much value, I should try to go back to regular college or University.

At some point, he made sense. If I start now, I would be getting my degree at the soonest possible time and won’t even notice it. Sounds like a good plan. I need to find a good program that would fit my situation.

Follow your passion.

What are you passionate about? What have you always wanted to do that you know that you are so passionate about it? It may not be the one thing that puts food on the table, but at least you get to do something that makes your heart sing and satisfies your soul.

How do you find what you are passionate about? I have written an ebook about how to unleash the passion you have. You can download it here.

I have always wanted to write a book. I started working on it last year but felt stuck at some point. This time I am keen on finishing what I have started. I have already written a lot of chapters, and I am setting a deadline to finish it before Christmas.

Learn to love again.

And by this, it also means learning to trust again. I know that this could be the most difficult thing for you to do especially if your separation involved cheating. I understand that even though that wasn’t the main reason for what happened to us.

Trust is a sacred thing for me. Once someone gained my trust, I give it fully. And I always give people the benefit of the doubt. But once that trust I have on someone is broken, it could never be regained.

Yes, I have trust issues. This is one of the hindrances that I have to finding love. I know that I need to learn how to open my heart once more. But before that happens, I need to work on my trust issues because I know that I would never be truly happy in a relationship when that big factor is missing.

No matter how much we hurt in the past, I choose to be open to love. This does not necessarily mean romantic love. Love is universal. But you know that once you are open your heart to loving others, it increases your chances of finding your true love and life partner. Again this is only applicable when you are ready and went through the stage of moving on.

Are you ready to open your heart again to love?

So there it is. Those are just some of the ways on how you reinvent yourself. Noticed that I did not mention anything about changing physical appearance? It is because reinvention is not changing your physical look or what people see you with their eyes, but it is more about changing the things that people see in you with their hearts.

Living Your Truth: How To Know When You’re Disconnected from Your Authentic Self

Living Your Truth: How To Know When You’re Disconnected from Your Authentic Self

Do you feel disconnected with your authentic self ?

My life has been all work these past few months. I feel like I have no more time to spare for the things that I love to do most, like blogging in this space.

I miss the days when I can freely write my thoughts without the fear of hurting or turning off people. I miss the days when I could just write without following certain rules for SEO or for anything else. When you write for work, your opinion does not matter, but what your client or client’s audience wanted.

I love writing, and I believe that this is what I was born to do.

As a writer, I have worn many hats. Writing is simply not taking in an idea and spin words around it. For me, you have to immerse yourself in that world, whatever it is that you are writing about. You connect yourself to your subject, so it’s like living what you are writing about. In my case, when I connect with my subject, I find it easier to write about it.

A friend asked me how I can write an article in just a few hours, or spin a podcast into an article. I told him that, if there are people who can play guitar just by listening to the music, then that’s basically how I write. It’s talent, man, talent. 🙂

On a serious note, I realized that sometimes, I immerse myself more into a particular subject than I do with others, and that’s where it gets challenging for me because I find myself disconnected from my truth. So occasionally, I need to go back to this space, where I can write freely, to gain back that balance and realign myself with my truth.

The world can be just whatever we imagine it to be. That’s why I find it important to be able to connect with your authenticity all the time, especially when you are in a world where everyone believes in the idea of “fake it till you make it.” Yes, it could somehow be some sort of a motivation for you, but at the end of the day, it will just make you feel exhausted.

That is why I sometimes need to step back and see my life from afar as if I am a spectator of my own life. If you know me on a deeper level, you’d know that there are times that I really disconnect myself from others. That is because I am trying to re-connect with myself.

And I know that many of you hustling are somehow feeling disconnected from your truth.

Why is connecting to your truth important?

Because you only live once. 

Do you not want to live your life the way you really wanted it to be? The most that people at their deathbed regretted was not living the life they wanted. I don’t want to be that. I don’t want that to be you, either.

You should always go back to your truth, connect with your authentic self.

How do you know when you are disconnected from your truth?

Here are some of the signs to look out for:

1. You feel like you have to lie all the time.

Obviously, you are not living your truth. This applies to all aspect of your life. Unless you are a pathological liar, when you are trying to live a life that does not really show you for who you really are, that would bring the biggest headache for you. One lie can lead to another lie. You know that you need to sustain that lie, and that is difficult to do. Even the best liar in the world would slip up at some point.

It is only a matter of time that your secret will divulge itself.

2. You are not operating at your own pace.

Not everyone is born to hustle. Some are born to work with grace. Men, I believe are more into the hustling thing, but for us women, I say that we operate better when we do it with grace. Sometimes you need to be careful with the people you want to emulate. How they go through their life and work may not give you as much success as it did for them. Operating at a pace that is not accepted by your system will leave you feeling burnt-out. Find your own pace. Each one of us has our own time to shine.

3. You lack a sense of fulfillment even with a successful career.

Most of us are working for the sake of earning. The needs and the responsibility we have for our families sometimes overpower what we really want to do with our career and life in general. I have heard of many stories where they sacrifice their hopes and dreams to be able to provide better for their family. Let the dream live. You may sacrifice it for a period of time, but do not abandon it. The time will come that you will have the resources to pursue your personal dream.

I remember the story about the 60 yr old man who finally passed the bar exams. It isn’t about getting to practice or to earn anymore. It is more about achieving a goal and making the dream come true. Lucky are those who are earning from something they are already passionate about.

So now, if you’re not really living your true self, you need to realign with your truth. It is only when you are in alignment with your purpose in life that you will find fulfillment, ease of life, and pure happiness.

Finding the Balance in Your Career and Health in the Digital Age

Finding the Balance in Your Career and Health in the Digital Age

Today’s digital age has brought a lot of good stuff for everyone. The world wide web has made this once seemingly wide world, smaller. In fact, you can reach people and send your message across with just a few touches of your fingertips. That’s how the Internet has connected us to one another.
Moreover, digital technology created opportunities for us to work remotely. Flexibility is one of the main benefits of the Internet, and just when we thought it would make work easier, sometimes it aids us being chained to our “office”.
Most companies have unconsciously expanded our working days to working nights and longer working hours. Whether you are aware of it or not, your working hours begin the exact moment you wake up and check your email. And it ends during bedtime after you send that last minute email. If your boss does it, you’ll even feel guilty if you don’t follow suit.
That’s also how the Internet has made work easier and harder for us. And you know it’s not all roses and rainbows.
While there is that big advantage that we are all enjoying now, the disadvantages are starting to overpower whatever good it brings to us, especially how it affects our health. You’ve heard about social media addiction, the harmful blue light, and the shortening of our attention spans. That’s why knowing how to balance career and health in this digital age is very important.
This article was first published by Thrive Global.