The One That Got Away: 5 Tips On What To Do If Your “TOTGA” Reappears in Your Life

The One That Got Away: 5 Tips On What To Do If Your “TOTGA” Reappears in Your Life

Do you have someone whom you consider as the one that got away? If you reconnect, should you give it another chance considering both of you are single, either by choice or by circumstance? If you’re like 40ish like me, I bet you have someone you call your Totga, except if you are NBSB (no … Read More

The Real Reason Why Your Dreams Die & What You Can Do To Avoid Them

Have you ever wondered why, after making positive changes in specific areas of your life, that no matter how diligently you tried to follow up on it, you always end up back to where you started. It seems like there’s something trying to stop you or pull you away from achieving what it is that … Read More

A Time to List : A New Year’s Post

It’s that time again for making new goals, resolutions, intentions or whatever you call it. I am not in the habit of making one for the sake of sticking to some sort of a plan, but I make it for the sake of making one, because it’s New Year’s.  And because I have this notion … Read More

The Non-Negotiables In a Relationship

A couple of months ago, I posted something about the list , which supposedly was a list of the qualities I am looking for in a man. I admit, it was quite superficial. Okay, it was very superficial, that’s why I also said that the list was flexible. Of course, you can’t really expect to … Read More