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About Me

My name is Mary Anne Lim from the Philippines and I am a single mom of four. I am an online professional working as a virtual assistant since 2012. My being in this industry was no accident. As a newly-single mom, I needed a job that would allow me to be with my children while I work.

In November of 2013, I and my kids survived Typhoon Haiyan and as an online worker, I could say that I was less affected than the others whose offices were destroyed by the storm. I could literally work anywhere and this was one of those instances where I get to experience the advantages of working online. 
I believe that my life experiences, the separation, surviving the storm, literally and figuratively, has become the foundation of my purpose in life.

My Mission
My mission is to extend to other women, especially single moms, the benefits of working at home. I want to teach them how to reinvent their lives, by starting a virtual assistant hub that would offer skill enhancement and paid and free trainings, I am giving them an equal opportunity to earn more and be near their children. 


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