How to Unleash The Goddess Within

In this modern world where women are forced to compete with men in the work front, a lot of women have forgotten what they really are, a goddess.

Every woman lives a goddess. The problem is that many women have forgotten how to unleash that beautiful part of her because of so many reasons. Work competition, upbringing, environmental reasons. So it is important that you as a woman should know how to shift your energy from the masculine into the feminine.

Social media has also contributed a lot to the low self-esteem of many women, often comparing themselves with the progress of another. Women have forgotten to embrace who they really are.

A goddess is inside every woman.

What is a goddess anyway?  A goddess is a female deity, powerful in her own right, and is linked to beauty, love and motherhood. Regardless of what you think of yourself, you have a feminine side that you can tap into.

Connecting to your feminine power or your inner goddess is a surefire way to being happier, sexier and healthier. You can also tap into your feminine side to succeed in your work. All the hustling women do nowadays have them tapping more into their masculine side, thus losing their balance.

As a single mom, I was thrown into the world of competitiveness, into the world of hustling that I had found it difficult to switch to my feminine side. Now I know I have posted something about this on Facebook, and I saw how people tend to misunderstand femininity with wearing girly things or a dress. You can suit up and yet vibrate feminine energy.

Feminine power isn’t really about what’s on the exterior, but more on what’s inside of you and then you radiate it to the world.

So for you who are finding it hard to unleash your inner goddess, here are some tips on how you can radiate your feminine energy.

  1. Remember that you are more than just a physical body.

Most of the goddesses weren’t perfectly feminine in their physical features. They did not possess what you might call the epitome of a woman’s physique. Aphrodite had small breasts, Artemis was tall and lanky, but they never apologized for their imperfections.  Looking your best can boost your self-confidence, but again, femininity comes from within you.

Falling in love with yourself can prove to be challenging, but it’s something all of us, not just women should all strive for. Take note of what makes you special and write it down.

You are more than your physical body. Embrace what’s inside of you, the woman that you truly are. Accept your imperfections, your flaws and celebrate the being that you were created to be.

  1. Be open with your emotions.

Yes, we all have been shamed for being too emotional. But then that is what makes us feminine. As a woman, you are more intuitive and your sensitivity can be a gift to the world. Your capacity to love is over the top and you can connect easily and create deeper and meaningful relationships.

Try connecting with your emotions again. Do meditation, cry if you need to. Reconnect with your feelings. Sometimes we deny ourselves from feeling strong emotions because we are afraid of being called weak. This is masculine energy.

Don’t apologize for crying, for being angry or for showing any emotions. Pent up emotions can make you hard on the inside. Let it go, let the emotions flow.

  1. Be inspired by other women.

In the masculine world, women are taught to be competitive and this leads women to feeling threatened or fearing others. What we should be doing instead is to lift each other up, be inspired by the success of others. Being jealous and envious dims your light, so it is not right and healthy to be harping on these two things.

Find something inspiring in every woman you meet. You’d find out that you’ve shared the same experiences and could learn a lesson or two from their experiences.

  1. Have an open heart.

Being a goddess means you have an open heart. You are open to loving freely, to loving unconditionally. I know it’s challenging to love without conditions, but that is the only way you can love freely. Women have the capacity to love and it is such a beautiful thing.

We might have been shaken to the core at some point in our lives, but we did not let it break us. We might have experienced injustices, and yet we remain to be the symbol of wisdom and love. That is what makes your femininity powerful.

  1. Dress not to impress others but to impress you.

When you’ve been operating in your masculine power, you’d notice that you’ve been wearing less colorful clothing.  If your wardrobe consists more of blacks and grays , then you might want to change into wearing something softer, floatier or clothes made out of swirly fabrics. Wear clothes that show off your natural curves and make you feel like a goddess.  Choose clothes that makes you feel comfortable and beautiful when wearing them.

  1. Engage in sacred sex.

For married women or those in a relationship, sex sometimes becomes a task especially if you’re both working. Having sex out of obligation is the worst. Make love to your spouse or partner in a way that you really prepared for it. Put on some perfume, wear your sexiest lingerie, light some candles, in short, really feel the moment. Experiment and be sensual about it.

If you haven’t tried tantric sex, here’s a blog post I wrote related to that. Tantric sex is something that you and your partner would enjoy and definitely ups your inner goddess.

These are just a few of how to unleash your femininity.  There are so many other ways to unleash your inner goddess. Are you nurturing your inner goddess?How? Share in the comments below.

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MaryAnne is a writer and entrepreneur. A mom of 4 young adults, she loves watching movies during her downtime and bonds with her children. Her advocacy include domestic violence, women empowerment, self-care and mental health. Through her blogs, she hopes to empower women through education and help them live their best lives.

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