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How to Step Into Your Feminine Power

How to Step Into Your Feminine Power

Men and women have the power to influence the behavior of each other.

But for so many women, they find it challenging to use that feminine power over using their masculine power. Many women have found it easier to work their way to success by hustling and grinding. This path to success is masculine and it seems like this is the default for personal power. However, tis can bring in a lot of problems for many women and would eventually lead her to experience burn out faster. 

Some women have harnessed their personal feminine power and used it to their advantage to win in their homes, work and personal relationships. Katherine Woodward Thomas, Arielle Ford, Marianne Williamson, Lisa Nichols have found success by operating in their feminine power. And it’s not because of the nature of the industry that they are into but more into the way they operate their businesses. When you understand the polarity of the masculine and feminine energy, if you understand feminine power, you will be able to identify the patterns they use to grow their business.

So what is feminine power?

There isn’t one general definition of feminine power. But most people who speak of using feminine power had given it their own meaning.  

Feminine power is a combination of authority and softness.  You can command a room yet be vulnerable and soft at the same time. 

Feminine power is intuitive.  A woman instinctively knows when something isn’t right just by listening to her body. 

Feminine power is collaborative. Women look for their tribe. We need our tribe to lift up one another, to inspire each other and to help each other grow.

I have listed a comparison of traits what feminine power can bring balance to the masculine below.               

How do you tap into feminine power ?

1.  Take it slow.

Create the space for yourself. You can’t tap into your feminine power when you are racing.         Hustling and grinding is masculine. Feminine power is taking things at a pace that you are most comfortable with because we do not compete. The masculine power does.

2.  Listen to your intuition.

You can only listen to your intuition, your body once you’ve created the space to be still. You won’t be able to hear anything. The world is already noisy and if you don’t take the time to be still, you won’t be able to listen to your intuition.  Intuition as mentioned above is a feminine characteristic that is the very heart of feminine power. Meditation can help you get in tune with your intuition. 

3. Own yourself.         

All of it. This is how you create the balance. Because we women are afraid of being seen as weak, especially if we’ve had traumatic or painful experiences in the past, we try to put on this façade of strength. We operate in the masculine energy. By doing this, we lose our power. You can be both strong and feminine at the same time. Soft on the outside, strong on the inside.

4. Nurture yourself. 

In other words, learn how to prioritize self-care. Pamper yourself. Light candles, have leisure bubble baths, book a massage.  Do things that do not require you to give nurturing but also to receive nurturing. Vibrate your highest self.    

   5. Speak your truth. 

If you do not operate in alignment of who you really are, you will notice that you get frequent headaches, and eventually, burn out. Avoid being too apologetic for who you really are. Show the world how awesome you are even with your flaws. 

6. Be creative.  

Creativity is feminine energy. When was the last time you were creative? Write songs, paint, write. Do something that brings out your creativity and your feminine power unfolds.

Working on becoming the best version of your feminine self is what will inspire a man to give the world to you.  But attracting a man isn’t the only thing we need our feminine power or feminine energy for. You can also use your feminine energy in your career, business and in other areas of your life. 

The world will benefit a lot when everyone can tap into their feminine energy as much as they tap into their masculine.

Random Ramblings on a Full Moon : I Am Woman, I Am Me

Random Ramblings on a Full Moon : I Am Woman, I Am Me

I am beauty.
I am love.
I am feminine power.
I am goddess.
I am seduction.
I am woman.
I am me.

I am enough.
I am more than enough.
I will always be enough.
I am me.

I am grateful.
I am happy.
I am loved.
I am blessed.

As  I was lying on my back listening to a full moon meditation, I wasn’t meditating yet, but just listening to it, I had these words come out from my mouth. It was as if my mouth had a mind of its own and the words just continued to flow. And I was surprised because I remembered them vividly as I wrote it down in my journal. I used to have downloads or thoughts/ideas in my mind randomly and as soon as I wanted to write it down, I would forget about it. That’s why I always make sure that I have a pen and a notebook beside me all the time, so that whenever I have these downloads, I can immediately write them down.
I have always been fascinated about the feminine energy, because for me, I think I might have forgotten about how it works. I know I have blogged a lot about unleashing the feminine energy lately in the past year because it is something that I wanted to explore more into. I would have periods where I felt I am in my feminine energy, although not fully, but then after a few weeks or months, I would then slip back into my masculine energy. And it is exhausting. I know I am not fully in alignment with my truest self yet because I can still feel a lot of lack in my life.
A week from now, I will start with my coaching sessions with a transformational coach . The program is called The Abundant Feminine. I have always seen her name in my suggested friends in Facebook because we have a lot of mutual Facebook friends. But I really didn’t sent her a friend request, because I don’t do it to random people. But I have always been fascinated with her work.
One of my colleagues had a coaching session with her, maybe it was a different one, but I saw some positive changes in her life. As someone who is actually a Certified Life Coach (I haven’t practiced it yet), I saw the patterns. And in one of our conversations, she did mention it. But the programs were expensive for me, so I didn’t really enrolled because it wasn’t a priority for me at that time.
Fast forward to a week ago, I saw that she had opened her course on The Abundant Feminine and I really wanted to join this. Because people are more generous in this time of a pandemic, she offered the coaching program to a “pay what you can” type of payment method . I did waited for another week before finally signing up. And I am also in this pandemic effect of being productive by learning new skills. This is going to be the third course I’d taken on since the enhanced community quarantine started in the Philippines (2 I’ve already finished and am now certified) . And because, why not? It’s not a bad thing to be productive in difficult times.
Coaching will start in a matter of days and I plan to
chronicle each progress I maek. Who knows, maybe you’d see a more
feminine version of me in the next months to come.
Ho’oponopono : The Ancient Ritual and Prayer of Forgiveness and Healing

Ho’oponopono : The Ancient Ritual and Prayer of Forgiveness and Healing

“I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you.”

Do these words ring a bell to you? I know, right? We use them everyday. But did you know that this a very powerful prayer that you can use to heal yourself and others. You don’t have to touch others to heal them but to just say the prayer to yourself AND accepting responsibility of the situation can heal and change the way a situation is or how a person is treating you.

Why take responsibility when it isn’t really your fault? Have you heard of generational curse? It works something similar to that. The dynamics is similar to that. Everything that is happening to us in the present is a result of our ancestors’ actions. In other words, if I may say , ‘karma’ if you believe in that.

The things that you are experiencing right now, is something that your ancestors had done in the past. So in accepting responsibility for the situation, and asking for forgiveness for that, you are able to change the dynamics of the present situation you are in.

I know this sounds kind of woowoo but this is an ancient Hawaiian prayer. The person who re-introduced this to the world was Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len , the doctor who cured every patient in the criminally insane ward of a Hawaii`i State Hospital without even seeing them personally. He just worked on their patient’s records with Hooponopono and the patients just became calm. Dr. Hew Len was a student of Morrnah Nalamaku Simeona, who was recognized as a kahuna lapaʻau in Hawaiʻi and taught her updated version of hoʻoponopono throughout the United States, Asia, and Europe.

There are 2 significant Hooponopono practitioners that worked closely with Dr. Hew Len, Dr. Joe Vitale and Mabel Katz. I took the Hoonopono certification with Dr. Joe Vitale. 

So how do you use the prayer? There are four steps :

  1. Step 1: Repentance – JUST SAY: I’M SORRY. …
  2. Step 2: Ask Forgiveness – SAY: PLEASE FORGIVE ME. …
  3. Step 3: Gratitude – SAY: THANK YOU. …
  4. Step 4: Love – SAY: I LOVE YOU.

This is what you call a cleansing. Dr. Hew Len said that we need to be cleansing all the time. And to do that in a faster way is to just recite ” I’m sorry, please forgive me. Thank you, I love you.” over and over again. Before you do something that’s very important to you, for example, appeasing a person’s anger towards you, you can start cleansing.You don’t have to chant this to them, or say it in their face. You can just do it on your own. Dr. Hew Len would cleanse 4x before he would go and talk to someone. 

There are other things about Ho’oponopono than just the prayer. There are tools that you can use to cleanse like the blue solar water. But that needs another whole new post.

I would vouch for the effectivity of this prayer 100%. If you do it the right way, you will find the peace you’ve wanted for so long.

The Abundance Prayer : When and How to Use It

The Abundance Prayer : When and How to Use It

If you’ve always believed in the Law of Attraction, you’d know something about abundance and manifestations. And I do, I’ve been studying LOA for quite sometime now and I can say that I did manifested some things in my life, whether unknowingly or intentionally.

Ever since I read The Secret , I’ve been hooked and I was adamant to know what the real secret to manifesting your desires was, how it worked, why some say that it didn’t worked for them or like they were missing a piece of information about how to manifest the right way. I want to expound and write more about this in a separate post. 

So back to the Abundance prayer, I found this online. A little disclaimer: THIS IS NOT MINE. And if the other bloggers or write-ups said about this prayer, it’s from an anonymous source. I tried googling for the real author so I can give proper credits, but I had no luck. So if you might know, please do let me know.

Having the prayer is one thing, using it is another thing. How do you use it? The abundance prayer is not your ordinary type of prayer. In the prayer, you are already acknowledging that you are in an abundant state. When you say this prayer, you are not asking from a place of scarcity, but from a place of abundance. And that abundance comes from God.

I believe that when I started using this, it gave me a different perspective on prayer. The traditional or the old way that I would pray, and I know most of you still do it, is to beg. When you pray the Abundance Prayer, you are not begging, but actually affirming that you are abundant, and that you are calling forth the abundance that is in God.

This prayer is not selfish, because at the end of the prayer, you are also affirming that everyone receives that same goodness that you received.  How many times have we prayed in the past that we really did not think about the rest of the world? Sometimes we get so engrossed with our own needs that we forgot to ask for the same for our brethren. 

I say it twice a day, one in the morning and one in the evening. I think there’s no harm in incorporating this to your prayer time/ritual. Just make sure that you are praying with the right emotions. 

It’s easier and faster to manifest your desires when you are in your highest vibration. So set yourself into the highest frequency, and then say your prayers.

So, here is the Abundance prayer.   I also created this in a downloadable/printable pdf form, you can put it up on your wall. Get it here it’s free.

From The Light of God that I Am. From The Love of God that I Am. From The Power of God that I Am. From The Heart of God that I Am.
I decree:
I dwell in the midst of infinite abundance. The abundance of God is my infinite source. The river of life never stops flowing. It flows through me into lavish expression.  Good comes to me through unexpected avenues and God works in a myriad of ways to bless me.  I now open my mind to receive my good.  Nothing is too good to be true. Nothing is too wonderful to have happen.  With God as my source, nothing amazes me.  I am not burdened by thoughts of past or future. One is gone. The other is yet to come.  By the power of my belief, coupled with my purposeful, fearless actions and my deep rapport with God, my future is created and my abundance made manifest.  I ask and accept that I am lifted in this and every moment into higher truth. My mind is quiet.  From this day forward I give freely and fearlessly into life and life gives back to me with magnificent increase.  Blessings come in expected and unexpected ways. God provides for me in wondrous ways.  I AM indeed grateful. And I let it be so.  I wish the same for the goodness of all. 
                                                                                                                   – Author unknown

How to Get Your Groove Back in A Week

How to Get Your Groove Back in A Week

Are you feeling tired most of the time? Do you feel like you’re starting to feel bored with whatever you’re doing now?

We all have those days when we feel like we are losing our own power. While it’s true that we never really lost it, as Angela Basset said in a video message on the Netflix Facebook Page, there are times that we feel like it’s just not there. We feel like it’s not working at all.
And this is due to many reasons. Stress, lack of sleep and just being misaligned with our own self are some of the reasons why we feel that we have lost our groove, or the zest that we have for life. And it is okay. Sometimes, the best thing to do when we are in this period is to be still and contemplate on the recent events that are happening in our lives. This is
when you will see the root cause of it all.
But sometimes we don’t have the luxury of time. We need to have some quick perk-me-ups that should come in handy when these types of emergencies arise. I know that one of the most effective ways to get your groove back on is going to the salon. Ever heard of the saying that a woman changes her hairstyle when she wants to change her life? I guess it is true because
I’ve done that a couple of times.You did that too at some point in your life, right?
I have listed a few things that are sure to help change your mood that you can do when you feel like you’re starting to lose your own power. These perk me ups has not let me down before, as far as I can remember, and they are effective.
So here are things that you can do to get your groove back.
If you have not meditated ever you are missing one of the most effective ways that helps you find your peace. I am not new to meditation, but I can honestly say that I can’t do it on my own. I still need guidance because my mind is always working and even when I am meditating, it doesn’t stop. The purpose of meditation is to be able to be still and be in touch with
the divine being in you, to set intentions, or to just find that calmness that you can’t find in your environment.
So, if you haven’t tried meditation, you might want to try a guided meditation. There are a lot of guided meditations that you can find on YouTube. It is okay if you fall asleep on the first try. Meditation is not just a one-time thing. It is a lifestyle. The more you do it, the more your mind is trained to be still and focus on what you need to focus on.
If you want to bring your meditation practice to the next level, there are guided meditation groups or communities that you can join. You can check them out on Facebook or Google and search one in your area. I was able to join a meditation group here in Makati. They have guided meditation sessions on Thursdays usually after working hours. This is also a nice way of
connecting with people who are in the same journey as you.
Improve yourself.
There are many ways you can improve yourself and the most important one is education. By improving yourself, you do not just get your groove back, it opens up new things for you to groove on. You can study a new course, join workshops, or just listen to motivational or inspirational podcasts.
Another thing that you can do is to visit your salon or spa. A massage is one of the best gifts you can give your weary body. Pamper yourself. Feel like a queen, like Cleopatra if you will. You can bask in all the milk bath that you want and there’s no one saying no to you. I personally love a good hot stone massage or a whole body massage. Backrubs just have some
calming effect on me.
Again, going back to the saying that a woman changes her hair when she wants to change her life is true. I don’t really know if there’s a scientific explanation for that, but I would say that changing your outer looks changes your perspective. When you look in the mirror, you see a new you.

Get creative.
Do something creative to change your present condition. If you love to sing, dance or paint, now would be a good time to do it. Creativity is a feminine trait. The best thing to do when you feel like you are missing your groove is to align yourself with your femininity.Check out my previous post on how to get back into your femininity.
Creativity of any form is a perk me up. I used to paint and draw when I was still in high school but unfortunately, I didn’t pursue that part of creativity in me. When I started my online career, I poured out my creativity to writing content, poems (a hobby), creating websites and playing with Canva.
If you want to try painting but don’t know where to start, Bob Ross is still the go-to guy. You can check him out on Youtube and there are many video tutorials that you can follow to create your very own first masterpiece. However it turns out, make sure to hang it up on your wall, a reminder of the once-upon-a-time Bob Ross’ moment.
Immersing yourself in arts and crafts is also a great way to get your groove back. There are many types of arts and crafts that you might want to explore such as sewing, macramé, knitting and crocheting, bead-making, candle making, etc.
Sing your heart out! But then of course, you need to find the songs that perks you up not send you into a depressive mode. You know your type of music, but if most of it fell into the category of sad love songs,you may want to avoid those first.Go for more positive and uplifting songs.
Music is the language of our soul. It heals our soul. Singing, in particular, can do more than just listening to music because it
comes directly from inside of us. It is an expression of what our soul wants to be heard.
It doesn’t matter if you can’t carry a tune. Once in a while, stop caring about what others think, remember they are just listening, you are giving them the honor of listening to a musical diva like you.

This is one of the best ways I know that can really get you back on your toes. You don’t need to travel overseas. It could be just going somewhere that you’ve never been before in your area. Visit a museum, connect with culture and the arts. If you have the budget, going to the beach or somewhere exotic can be the best thing you can do for yourself.
Travel alone if you must, but if you are concerned about your safety, travel with a companion that won’t hinder you from enjoying yourself.
A book that I’ve found to be entertaining is How Stella Got Her Groove Back. There was a movie made from the book and it starred none other than my favorite Angela Basset. How she got her groove back? She found her self-worth, and realized that she was still desirable with younger men.
The bottomline is you do the things that you already love and find the time to fall in love with it again. An available ex can come in handy if you wish.
You can check out Skyscanner for affordable airfare.

Get fit.
Exercise is another way of getting your groove back on. Exercise does not only do good things for your physique but also for your mental health. When we exercise, our brain releases hormones that make us feel good. It lowers down our stress-levels. If you have the budget, you can go enroll in a fitness program in your local gym. You can take a sport, hire a coach and just be good with it. Maybe even strive to join a tournament to challenge yourself.
But if you are someone like me, who doesn’t have the luxury of time, and really I am an introvert, Youtube again is my rescue. I do yoga and Yoga with Adrienne is a good way to start. She has a lot of yoga practices from basic to specialized yoga for runners, or just focusing on a certain part of your body.
If you think yoga is easy and won’t let you break a sweat, you are mistaken. I was surprised! Yoga stretches and moves every inch of your body. It helps a lot in your focus too. So if you feel like you are out of alignment with yourself, yoga can help you get back into that alignment.
So again, these are just some of the few things that you can do when you feel like you are losing your power. Remember that while most of this list is focused on the physical aspects, it is also important to do things that take care of your mental health.