A Trip Down Memory Lane at Hacienda Brew

Mother’s day was something that I wasn’t really keen on celebrating, for myself that is. It was enough that my children greeted me, although only after I reminded them. But since I have a mother, who has been on us two days before Mother’s day,  sending us hints on what to do to celebrate, my siblings and I decided to have an early dinner celebration after mass.

My brother took us to this place in San Pedro, Laguna where he used to go with his friends. He promised us that it was an Instagrammable place. He knew that I am a sucker for these things. And the place did not disappoint.

They say that people fall in love with how you make them feel, and I’d say, that’s how I also fall in love with a place. People are visual, but for a restaurant, the visual is just the tip of the iceberg. When we go to places , we also want the rest of our senses seduced, especially the gustatory senses or sense of taste.

Hacienda Brew is a hidden gem, something that even a friend from San Pedro didn’t knew exist, or maybe he wasn’t that adventurous type. The place was near the San Pedro exit when coming in from South Luzon Expressway.

The place gives out a nostalgic ambience, for me because I grew up going to my mom’s ancestral house and at some point lived there. My great grandfather was one of the very first Mayors of our town during the Japanese and American era.

The ancestral house still stands till now, or what was left of it after Typhoon Haiyan or Yolanda. It was a big Spanish type house with large antique pieces that never failed to spook me once in a while. Including a large dining table which also served as a meeting table for the members of the Liberal Party during those times.

What makes Hacienda Brews unique is the ingenious way of fixing and fusing of the antique pieces that made up the aesthetics of the place. They did not threw out the pieces that were broken but instead transformed it into something new and better, making it unique.

The food was Filipino dishes with a twist. I love the sinigang rice , which is rice cooked in sinigang broth and the vegetables (the ones that were supposed to be in the sinigang) were deep fried tempura style. There’s the Calamares rice, rice cooked in squid ink. I find this very flavorful and was glad that it didn’t stain my teeth.

Food prices range from P150.00 to P250.00 per serving which is good for 2-3 persons. They also serve dessert , pasta and sandwiches.

It was in its way a different dining experience. I also got to have my fix of taking photos and have a mini pictorial. Overall, I’d say I am very much in love with what I’ve seen, tasted and feel.

Hacienda Brew is located at:

2nd Floor, SAX Terminal, San Antonio Drive cor. Magsaysay Road, San Antonio, San Pedro , Laguna.

Call or text : 09457856242


This is not a paid post. I am not in anyway connected with the mentioned establishment.

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